About The 100 World Legends Project

After the past  5 years  building up our initial charity project underway with The Charity Sporting Prints Rugby Legends,  financed and supported by Cranston Fine Arts (charitysportingprints.com).

Our attentions have moved from doing our own charity tournaments in the UK which were run at various rugby clubs and funds were raised and overseen by club event committee and donations distributed between the charities. some some supported by the Legends themselves and local  charities . So the 100 Legends project was born.  The ex international players now exceed the initial  100 Legends of rugby  but that just gives us more potential to do more events.  around  the globe to support local charities and the growth of rugby

The 100 World Legends is not a charity itself but is a organisation which supports a number of different charities.  Most of the sponsorship goes directly to the charities themselves or if it is a organised tournament or event. then the Event committees organise collection and distribution of funds to the supported charity organisations or projects

Around the world there are many countries where rugby is in its infancy and where the appearance of a Legends team at a local vets tournament or even a demonstration Southern Hemisphere V Northern Hemisphere 15s game would promote the sport and to get local and multi National companies involved. Bringing together the local charities and businesses allows us to to the most important job of raising funds for the charities.

We have recently come back from a trial event in Bangkok, where the basis of the project has been built.  It is worth reading David Corkery’s thoughts on the recent trip.

We can only help these local children’s charities with the help of sponsors, if you want to help please do get in touch here.

We are looking for Companies to sponsor our teams, where they to can benefit not only from financial business benefits with new business links across the globe  but also in the knowledge that they are also some of their sponsorship is doing great things for small children’s charities around the world. We welcome representatives and sponsors to come with us and see for themselves the work we are planning and come and get involved

For further details of the advertising and sponsorship opportunities or if you can help with contacts or if just want to help please contact David Higgins at rugbyvets@hotmail.com