About The 100 World Legends Project

Who are we.

Over 140  high profile ex international  men and women rugby players from over 18 countries who have represented their countries at the highest  level

Our main aim

To help children’s charities and program’s through Rugby,  the sport we all love,  and using its values of Comradeship, Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.  and inline with these goals, The 100 World Legends  provide retired rugby legends opportunities to continue contributing to the game they love,  and in numbers they can make a real impact in the countries we visit and work in.

Every project is not just about the rugby. it is about the ways we can help by utilizing the group for a multitude of events.  Where it is possible not only would our players be involved in coaching  youth teams, promoting the sport at local Schools but the visits to Childrens orphanages, hospitals and hospices we support  and bring  vital media coverage of the vital work these good charities, initiatives and projects and causes we are supporting  do,  but also  individual fund raising events,  Meet and Greets, Charity Golf Day, Corporate events and  evening Dinners  participating in the speeches and Q n A events for the audiences.   It is how we best use the time to maximize the good we can do.

Not only helping the Children and youth but also promoting the Rugby Unions or Federations and the good work they are doing.

We  are able to show the ever increasing number of businesses that follow and support us some great possibilities and positive benefits to them in supporting different projects we design and organise or support.


We are looking for sustainable support from our partners and sponsors and we aim to support all our business partners,  We would be looking to build a strong, ongoing partnership  that has the power to make a sustainable and long term impact for the programmes we are building  and for our business partners.

Why Become our main partner and sponsor.

As our 100 World Legends main sponsor,  you will not only have the 100 World Legends project promoting you Branding on all the various Kits for each event,  and on Post event media video, merchandise and all  our other media promotion,

You will not only have the 100 World Legends Project promoting you but everyone of the 140 High profile ex international players (Many of them have very large followings )   around the world.

The project is building up a large network of ” Kindred” clubs throughout the world as clubs are keen to be part of our growing programme of major events. and get involved with and planning events at there clubs with our backing support and participating  all for good causes in their local areas that fit our criteria.

Not to mention the new  Business friends of the legends event calendar of Golf Days and lunches  and networking days.

For the year 2018 we have 9 events organized for various charitable projects  and in 2019 already we have  even more with 11 in the pipeline so far and more to be added as the requests from clubs and organizations across the globe ask for our  help and participation

At every  School,  Hospital,  Care home,  Hospice,  and every  Rugby event, Golf Day or Youth training ground  your Logo will be present.

We are not just about the rugby but all the fund raising events and media visits to promote these good causes and the fantastic work they do

As our main partner you will be able to arrange corporate events meeting Clients potential customers and staff. in each of the cities countries or regions we visit with our teams or Ambassadors will be available to take part in media  and meet and greet events.

These players have an incredible ability to bring people together. and we would be available to our partners and sponsors to  attend  corporate Golf Days / Activity day , seminars, forums and various corporate events including your own charity fund raising event  . Their inspirational stories of their career and also the work they participate in with the 100 World Legends projects can help to create the right atmosphere for your event .  These High profile ex international players from  around the world show  the sponsor as a global player worthy of recognition and suitable to do business with. Sponsorship can also provide suitable hospitality vehicles to meet and do business with clients.


Business friends of the Legends

Everyone can help us reach our goals as supporting businesses., and we would also be there to help support you. so your sponsorship will not only help those we support but  in return the media promotion and Branding awareness and goodwill will certainly justify your support,

Support sponsorship can start as low as £200 a year as a Friend of the Legends,  you will be kept upto date with all events and be able to see where best you can increase your support on projects in the regions that you operate in.  you will be one of the first to be notified of any golf days, network lunches  and other events to come along to. Also availability of players for your own events at a special guest appearance rates,  Speakers, special guest for Events  or meet and greets

Sponsor a player.   Get your logo on the arm of a teams kit  and promoted as a certain players sponsor.  you will receive a fully signed up jersey with your logo on  signed by the team     Cost £600 to £1000   dependent on event


Take the larger Logo n the back of the Jersey and become a Gold sponsor to the event , You can join the event and be part of the teams group participating in all events planned, (dont  have to play but help on the touchline if oyu like or just stay in any VIP areas if you prefer)  This you will find out being in the company of these Legends for a few days and nights is a amazing experience and a joy to see all the work first hand they do   and with the knowledge that your sponsorship will be helping us do some fantastic programmes Sponsorship for this  varies dependent on event from £2500 to £5000

Together we can make a difference in so many ways and you are welcome to join on any project you are supporting and see first hand the work we are doing and the great potential we have.

If oyu have nay questions please email me David Higgins at email rugbyvets@hotmail.com


From humble beginnings and a few events per year to this year with so much happening and its getting bigger month by month

2016    May 2016   Glasgow  Scottish Legends Vet Tens  raising over £22,000 for local charities

September 2016    100 Legends )known as CSP)  V Joining Jack  Wigan DW stadium  helping raise money for Joining Jack


November 2016   Dubai  International Vet Tens    Raising over £9.000 for Maggies Cancer Units

2017     February 2017   Bangkok    Raising money for the Mercy centre

November 2017   Dubai  International Vet Tens  Raising for a My name’5 Doddie Foundation

2018   February 2018    Laos supporting Lao Rugby Federation  100 World Legends Ambassadors   Frank Bunce, Paddy Johns, and Junior Paramore. Raising money and funding 4 Village youth programmes for a year

March 2018      Hong Kong,  100 World Legends Ambassadors   Grace Davitt,  David Corkery,  and Sireli Ina Bobo helping to promote Lao Rugby federations project and start the promotion for our own Hong Kong Charity Legends week in October

May 2018     London,   exhibition match  100 world Legends team v English Cancer Crusaders  helping raise money for a number of Cancer charities

June 2018   Portugal supplying a number of Legends to support the Portuguese Rugby legends Play against South Africa Legends and supporting children’s charities in South Africa and Portugal

and to come  August 2018   100 World Legends Belfast weekend, raising money for Belfast Children’s Cancer Unit at the Charity Golf Day at the Royal Belfast Friday 3rd August.  and Saturday 4th August  Bangor Rugby Club Legends vet Tens supporting Clifton School, which caters for children with severe learning difficulties and complex needs

October 2018   100 World Legends Hong Kong week. a number of midweek events culminating in a Charity Golf day on the Friday and a Legends vet tens event on the Saturday     (sponsors still required for this fantastic event)

November 2018    Dubai International vet tens,  the strongest team we ever put together to play the best in the world,   We are supporting My Name’5 Doddie Foundation,  come and join us and  be part of something special



Airline Partner

Airline support is paramount to make a enormous difference in many regions of the world.   With our Players in every continent a huge overhead is flights and any partnership with a airline to help us to help disadvantage children programmes in a number of countries we target, and we would be more than happy to support their own fantastic initiatives  in anyway we can.  Please contact me David Higgins at rugbyvets@hotmail.com to discuss any possibilities big or small.


Hotel Partners.

Among our partners we are looking for a number of Hotels to join us around the world,  This is a important partnership and with more hotels in more cities we can do so much more, We would be available not only to support the hotel in promotion but also to help them in supporting their Charitable projects.  In return for Hotel rooms  ranging from  room requirements for  a small number of  100 World Legends  Ambassadors  programmes  to Full team and major events

We are looking for Hotels to join our already existing partners.

The Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong,      The Amari Watergate , Bangkok,

The Clayton  Hotel Chiswick London      and the Wellington park Hotel, Belfast

We continually mention and promote the various hotel via our media outlets and also more importantly through the 140 players, twitter, Facebook and other media outlets they use  and many have large followings

We are looking for Hotel Partners for new projects in 2019  in Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Lisbon, Edinburgh and Glasgow,   so please get in touch if you think you can help.


After the past  5 years  building up our initial charity project underway with The Charity Sporting Prints Rugby Legends,  financed and supported by Cranston Fine Arts (charitysportingprints.com).

Our attentions have moved from doing our own charity tournaments in the UK which were run at various rugby clubs and funds were raised and overseen by club event committee and donations distributed between the charities. some some supported by the Legends themselves and local  charities . So the 100 Legends project was born.  The ex international players now exceed the initial  100 Legends of rugby  but that just gives us more potential to do more events.  around  the globe to support local charities and the growth of rugby


The 100 World Legends is not a charity itself (in the process of becoming a foundation )  but is a organization which supports a number of different charities.  Most of the sponsorship goes directly to the charities themselves or if it is a organised tournament or event. then the Event committees organise collection and distribution of funds to the supported charity organisations or projects

Around the world there are many countries where rugby is in its infancy and where the appearance of a Legends team at a local vets tournament or even a demonstration Southern Hemisphere V Northern Hemisphere 15s game would promote the sport and to get local and multi National companies involved. Bringing together the local charities and businesses allows us to to the most important job of raising funds for the charities.

On a recent project to Bangkok, where the basis of the project has been built.  It is worth reading David Corkery’s thoughts on the recent trip.

We can only help these local children’s charities with the help of sponsors, if you want to help please do get in touch here.

For further details of the advertising and sponsorship opportunities or if you can help with contacts or if just want to help please contact David Higgins at rugbyvets@hotmail.com


Its not about us its about them