100 World Legends Charity Project Launched

After the past 5 years getting the idea of a charity Legends project underway, our attentions have moved from doing our own charity tournaments in the UK and helping local charities to a bigger project.

Around the world there are many countries where rugby is in its infancy and where the appearance of a Legends team at a local vets tournament or even a demonstration Southern Hemisphere V Northern Hemisphere 15s game would promote the sport and get local and multinational companies involved, while just as importantly raising a substantial sum of money for local children’s charities.

We have recently come back from a trial event in Bangkok, where the basis of the project has been built.  It is worth reading David Corkery’s thoughts on the recent trip.

It is now our intention to try and get larger multinational companies to support this project, but we want to build up support from 100 top players who will support the aims and the project.

We have pulled together interested players representing most major countries that play rugby and we hope to build the number to include 10 or 12  ex-international players from each of the major rugby nations plus a few from other countries who will take part and play with in the Vet tens tournaments or in the 15s arranged games.   We will also have 2 retired / injured players from each country who would join us and help on the touchline or act as ambassadors.

So there would be 12 from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, South Africa, France and players from the rest of Europe and North and South America.

The idea of 100 top players joining the “100 World Legends” project would have a great impact with potential sponsors and do so much good for small childrens charities in the world and promote rugby in the countries where a positive impact can be made.  At the same time, it provides a great experience in countries like Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand, etc.

As this project progresses and develops, there will be great sponsorship and advertising opportunities for all businesses from small local businesses to international corporations.

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